B&P: Casual Dining on Spring Garden Ave

Spring Garden ave Restaurant

Bites and Pints Gastro Pub is the newest addition to Spring Garden Avenue

The restaurant is located next door to Hops Burger Bar and Scrambled Southern Diner, occupying the former Fat Dogs Grille and Pub location.

Though Scrambled and Hops had half-hour waits and lines out of the door, the sleek, cool new Bites and Pints has been completely wait-free during my visits.

Having free reign to enjoy myself was nice, but I can’t wait to see Mike Bosco’s new restaurant with outdoor dining on the patio really fill up with patrons.

During the day, the craft beer and burger restaurant has a casual atmosphere, is bright, and the decor is inviting. Tables line the walls of the bar with comfortable bench booth seating, too. Right in front of the entrance is a low natural wood table, similar to a Japanese chabudai, two chairs and two mini-seats that resemble crocheted bean bags. TVs are tuned to sports events and other entertainment to suit your pleasure.

At night, the lights are dimmed and the gastro pub becomes a swanky, trendy space where the agenda is to have fun, see and be seen. A limited $5 pub fare late night menu is available. The weekly drink specials may draw you in, but the menu will make you stay.

Tater Tots Are Making A Comeback

Your favorite childhood comfort foods are on the menu, it’s a bit of nostalgia for kids who ate in lunchroom cafeterias. Along with seasoned curly fries, American coleslaw and Asian coleslaw, the best things on the menu are a toss up between the hot dogs and the hamburgers.

Hot Dogs On A Griddle-toasted Bun

Hot dogs are not high on my list for most desirable foods, but the griddle toasted bun and all-beef hot dog here is a dream. The avocado hot dog is the most interesting with sliced avocado, queso fresco, jalapeño, green chilies, beer cheese sauce and lime sour cream. All-the-way hot dog (Carolina-style with chili, onions, mustard and slaw) and Chicago-style hot dog complete with sport peppers and celery salt round out the hot dog menu. Served with a single or a double quarter-pound patty, the burgers are a blend of ground short rib and brisket.

The Breakfast Burger

The breakfast burger blew my mind. Topped with American cheese, fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Cajun bearnaise sauce, I lost all faculties and forgot that the egg was runny and that the burger was falling apart. The drips and dregs of hollandaise were picked up by me sweeping the curls of my fries through it and devouring it all with reckless abandon.

The Green Chile Burger: A Fan Fav

My next favorite was the Green Chile Burger: Green chilies, queso fresco, avocado, pickled red onions, cilantro, lime sour cream and beer cheese sauce all smashed onto a toasted bun made for messy eating, but that was nothing a few napkins couldn’t cure. The pickled onions were my favorite part: Sweet yet tart with a tang from a more subtle vinegar, such as champagne or tarragon, and very herbaceous, accented with chopped dill and a bit of thyme. Non-beef eaters can get in on the burger fun and substitute with chicken, tofu, a portabella mushroom cap or a loaded hash brown patty.

Other Menu Item Standouts

Other menu items include the open-faced chicken and waffle sandwich which is garnished with my new favorite — pickled onions and a fried egg; The Brisket Philly and the Spicy Po’boy.

Do yourself a favor and try the house-made cocktails as well.

The menu changes seasonally. If you don’t mind your drink biting you back, try one of the spicy libations, such as the strawberry habanero delight. Accented with strawberry habanero simple syrup and orange liqueur, ask for salt on the rim for a twist on new menu favorite. With more than 70 bottles and drafts available, there is sure to be something for everyone in your over-21 party.

Overall, Bites and Pints has good food and is an inviting space to enjoy well-made, elevated pub fare alongside great drinks.

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